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USGS Stream Conditions

After years of observing stream conditions and comparing what I saw with USGS gage readings, I now can look at the USGS gage of the stream I want to fish and have a very good idea of the stream conditions.

Why is that important? Many of my fly fishing trips are about 100 miles from my home in Carlisle, PA. If I want to fish Spring Creek near State College, Penns Creek near Weikert, Yellow Creek near Loysburg or the Little Juniata River near Huntingdon, I can be relatively certain of stream conditions upon my arrival. Why chance high water, off color conditions and unsafe wading in addition to the wasting of resources and time necessary to travel there.  Also, frustration can also be prevented simply by a  quick check of the appropriate USGS stream gage. Do the research and eliminate unpleasant surprises upon arrival at your fishing destination. 


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